Create Suzhou Business Future Together-Jinji Lake Business Summit Forum

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On the afternoon of November 3, the Jinji Lake Business Summit Forum, sponsored by the Economic Development Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park and the Suzhou Business Federation and undertaken by the Business Management of Bailey City, was held on the banks of the beautiful Jinji Lake.

Create Suzhou Business Future Together-Jinji Lake Business Summit Forum


On the afternoon of November 3, the Jinji Lake Business Summit Forum, sponsored by the Economic Development Committee of Suzhou Industrial Park and the Suzhou Business Federation and undertaken by the Business Management of Bailey City, was held on the banks of the beautiful Jinji Lake.

Leaders of Suzhou City, District Commerce Bureaus, Park Economic Development Commission and Suzhou Business Federation, as well as nearly 300 industry guests, commercial real estate developers, various business chain brands and industry media attended the meeting. The conference was presided over by Mr. Zhang Zhigang, General Manager of Business Management of Burley City.

Commerce is a symbol of a city's economic development and prosperity. In the past ten years, with the rapid development of Suzhou's economy, commerce has also entered a stage of rapid development. New commercial projects such as urban complexes, shopping centers, and neighborhood centers have been opened continuously. Among them, the commercial development of the park is the fastest, and a number of influential projects in domestic commerce have emerged, from Suzhou's first international shopping center-Printing City, the largest single Jiuguang Department Store in China and the first Eslite Bookstore in the mainland, to Suzhou Center, which will make a stunning appearance in double 11 this year, the business in the park has been continuously improving, leading Suzhou's business to develop in a more fashionable, refined, humanistic, life and emotional direction. But looking at the development status of Suzhou and even the whole country, with the vigorous development of shopping centers, a series of problems such as fierce competition and lack of differentiation have become the main factors restricting the healthy development of shopping centers. How to find a way to break the situation in the future development of business is an important issue that we must face today. With the theme of "creating the future", this forum discusses how to find a way to break the future business in the current era of consumption upgrading, so as to bring new vitality, inject new vitality and usher in new prosperity for Suzhou's business.


In the era of consumption upgrading, what is "creating the future"?

In the current tide of consumption upgrading, with the continuous improvement of people's income level and living standard, more and more consumers no longer simply pursue cost-effective goods, and their requirements for service and experience are also higher and higher. The speakers of this forum explained the key words of business development in their eyes, such as "new retail", "scene experience", "artificial intelligence" and so on, which cater to the trend of consumption upgrading.

Mr. Pu Xizhe, the partner of Face and Face, brought "the chemical reaction of people and goods yard". He thinks "fun is a higher demand". Simple and interesting interactive games such as crazy guessing, crazy finding fault, tearing up famous brands in the city, winning two games in three games, crowdfunding and winning treasure, etc. can not only make consumers in shopping centers get entertainment experience, but also effectively promote the interaction between shops and consumers and improve their performance, more with actual data to prove the success of the "new business" model!

Mr. Wang Zun, senior solution architect of Baiduyun, shared with you "the application of artificial intelligence in business operation". The rise of new technologies such as artificial intelligence has made shopping a new way of life and an offline experience that can bring more sensory enjoyment.

The keynote speech "Reconstruction and Thinking of New Retail to Traditional Retail" will share with you the practical path of the new retail model of Box Ma Xiansheng.

Suzhou commercial aircraft carrier, much looking forward

At this forum, Mr. Zhang Liang, vice president of Suzhou hengtai holding group co., ltd., brought you the project introduction of Suzhou center, which will be unveiled on November 11. Suzhou center is located in the core of the central business district in the west lake of the park, with a shopping mall construction area of 300000 square meters. more than 30% of brand merchants have entered Suzhou for the first time, and Suzhou's first indoor theme scene creative block, after its appearance, the Suzhou Center will surely become the place of choice for fashionable life in Suzhou and even in East China.

Mr. Xie Jinming, chairman of the business research institute of tubit, also gave a speech on the current situation and future development trend of Suzhou's business development through the analysis of big data.

Should shopping centers be bigger or smaller?

Lips and guns, "debate" out of the wonderful

The last and most exciting part of this forum is the high-end debate specially set up by the organizing committee, presided over by Yin Xiaofeng, director of the Business and Trade Department of the Economic Development Committee of the park, zhu Yu, deputy general manager of Wujiang Binhu Investment Group, Chen Qingping, deputy general manager of Suzhou International Film and Television Entertainment City, Li Zhiping, president of Toobit City Economic Research Institute, Dong Huan, general manager of Suzhou Hailiang Commercial Management, Yang Zhigang, general manager of Suzhou Sam's Member Store, and Wu Dong, executive director of Baili City Commercial Management, launched a heated debate on whether the shopping center should be bigger or smaller. The whole debate lasted for 40 minutes, the atmosphere is very lively. In fact, whether the shopping center is "large and complete" or "small and refined", it must be adapted to local conditions and act according to its capacity, combining the project's own conditions and the consumer needs of the core customer group to carry out precise positioning, successful investment promotion, effective promotion and fine operation. Only in this way can the success of the shopping center be guaranteed.

We hope that this Jinji Lake Business Summit Forum can provide suggestions for the development of the park and Suzhou business through the sharing of experts, the collision of thinking, and the exchange of views, and jointly discuss the future business break and success.

We also hope that this forum can become a new starting point for the commercial development of the park and Suzhou. We will work together to start a new journey and jointly welcome a new era of business prosperity!