PRM News | Black Pearl Brand First Enters, Daximen Boosts Kunshan's "First Store Economy" Development

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Recently, Kunshan Daximen Commercial Street, which was developed and constructed by Kunshan City Investment and provided full-process commercial management services for Burley City Asset Management, successfully signed the Black Pearl brand-Jiangnan Ya Chef (Black Pearl brand) and Shiyi Ya Garden (Black Pearl shortlisted brand), boosting the development of Kunshan's "first store economy.

PRM News | Black Pearl Brand First Enters, Daximen Boosts Kunshan's
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柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展


NearOn the same day, Kunshan Daximen Commercial Street, which was developed and constructed by Kunshan City Investment and managed by Burley City Asset Management, successfully signed a contract.Black Pearl Brand-Jiangnan Ya Chef (Black Pearl Brand) and Shiyi Ya Garden (Black Pearl Shortlisted Brand), boosting the development of Kunshan's "first store economy.


Daximen Commercial Street

柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展

First store economy

With the layout of the first store economy in major cities and the promotion of the development of local commerce, Kunshan citizens are also beginning to look forward to the entry of a new batch of high-quality brand first stores, which can "unlock" more new high-end consumption scenes and new experiences for Kunshan.

柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展

Located in the core section of Kunshan City, Daximen Commercial Street has been a commercial and cultural center since ancient times.For the big west door,Vigorously develop the "first store economy", noOnly to improve the level of urban commercial development, to meet the higher-end and more innovative consumer needs and experiences of citizens, but also to speed up the establishment of "one street and three courtyards", and to create a high-quality commercial gathering and profound Jiangnan cultural block, so as to better build a good development trend of the project.

柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展

To this end, the Great West Gate successfully signed a contract to introduce2022 Public Comments Must Eat Black Pearl Brand "Jiangnan Elegant Kitchen"and2022 public comments must eat list black pearl shortlisted brand "pick up one elegant garden"To meet the consumption demand of Kunshan citizens for high-end cultural catering.

柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展
Jiangnan Ya Chef
2022 Public Comments Must Eat Black Pearl Brand

Su cuisine is one of the eight major cuisines in China

Classic Old Restaurant in Suzhou

Public comment on "50 restaurants that must be eaten in the country"

New Meihua, 30 Years of Ingenuity Upgrade

With the brand new Subang cuisineJiangnan Ya Chef

The first time I entered Kunshan, I had endless smoke and rain and endless taste of Jiangnan.


柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展

Drawing Inspiration from Suzhou Garden Aesthetics

Adopt new Chinese style design

Freehand Jiangnan


Reproduce the waterside pavilion flower table in the depths of the garden

More in the garden of Su cuisine food

Integration of Chinese culture and elegance

Appropriate in thick and light, salty and sweet

Not the tip of the tongue, return to the true

柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展

柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展

And Suzhou garden into the restaurant

Stack mountains and manage water, plant flowers and trees

Build a universe within a stone's throw

For diners to create a garden feast as in the painting

its water,It's a corner cut off by 36,000 hectares of Taihu Lake.

its stone,It's a mountain cut from the seventy-two peaks of Taihu Lake.


柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展


At first glance, there is no green tile or red wall.

There is no falling british profusion

Only deep coffee ornaments and dead branches in plain space.

Give the space business banquet calm atmosphere


柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展
柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展
柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展
柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展


柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展
柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展


"Shiyiya Garden 」

2022 public comments must eat list black pearl shortlisted brand


there is fujian in the southeast of kyushu,Eight mountains, one water, one field
Leaning against the mountain and facing the sea, there are many people who can enter the mountain forest fishing song
Between pitches,If you pick up one thing at a time, you will not admire the delicacies of Tathagata or immortals.
The inscription of the pick comes from this.


柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展


Since its creation in 2016
To replace the new dishes with the 24 solar terms of "mountain delicacies and sea mistakes, food returns to taste"
Fine research of local customs and ingredients from all over Bamin to make dishes for people in the local rivers and seas.
Combining Fujian Shanzhenhai fault with modern diet concept
Inheriting the First Vein of Qingsu in Min-style Cuisine
Taking mountains and seas as the boundary, it melts delicious flavor and reiki into the beauty of dinner plates.

柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展


The brand Suzhou store has received numerous favorable comments and received 100000 high-end diners in the year.

What is more worth mentioning is that vegetarian dishes and meat dishes are completely separated from the operation process, and vegetarians can eat with complete confidence.


柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展

柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展


Daximen Commercial StreetThe "first store economy" has been added, and the work of attracting, serving and guaranteeing has been done with heart and emotion, in exchange for the trust and recognition of more high-quality brands, and striding forward towards a well-designed "optimal path.

In the future, in the major brands to support, help stimulate the new vitality of Kunshan consumption!




柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展


Kunshan City Investment Asset Management Co., Ltd.

Kunshan City Investment was established in 2007 and has been deeply involved in Kunshan commercial real estate for more than 10 years. With the development goal of "becoming an innovative operator and manager of the entire commercial industry chain", it creates a better consumption scene for the city. Commercial assets cover the whole city, the layout of Duke Zhigu Town Science and Technology Center, Tinglin Park traditional cultural gathering area, Chaoyang Road Commercial Center, the core area of the west of the city and other plates.
The leisure and commercial building area of Guan Wen Lu is 100000 square meters, including largeYuwan Lakeside Commercial Style Street, New Jiangnan Life Club, etc., the project won many honorary titles, such as the national boutique block life service distribution center, Suzhou catering quality and safety demonstration street, Kunshan influential commercial real estate, Suzhou commercial characteristic street cultivation and creation of demonstration block, etc.

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柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展
柏利城快讯| 黑珍珠品牌首进,大西门助推昆山“首店经济”发展


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