PRM Commercial Signed "Tide Reflecting Lion Mountain" to Help Create a Tide Play Mecca for Young People in Suzhou

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In July 2021, PRM Commercial and Suzhou Shishan Plaza Development Co., Ltd. jointly reached a strategic cooperation on the "YONG PARK" commercial project in Suzhou High-tech Zone, and formally signed a cooperation agreement to provide it with full-process commercial management services.

PRM Commercial Signed

In July 2021, Bailey City Commercial and Suzhou Shishan Plaza Development Co., Ltd. jointly reached a strategic cooperation on the "YONG PARK" commercial project in Suzhou High-tech Zone, and formally signed a cooperation agreement to provide it with full-process commercial management services.

Standing at the height of the city level, how to innovate commercial space and empower the growth of urban value, Burley City Business has been exploring. In this project cooperation, Bailey City Business will rely on rich business management experience combined with business innovation to make YONG PARK a mecca for young people in Suzhou.




Reconstruction of Suzhou Rail Transit Business Pattern

YONG PARK is located in the core section of Suzhou High-tech Zone. It is located in the north underground business of Suzhou Shishan Square at the intersection of Changjiang Road and Jinshan East Road in Huqiu District of Suzhou City. It seamlessly connects Suzhou Rail Transit Line 1, Line 3 and Tram Line 1. It is also an important bus transfer hub in Shishan. It is connected with Shishan International Conference Center, Science and Technology Industrial Park, Shishan Square and other projects, in order to create the Shishan plate subway commercial ecosystem to create superior geographical conditions, with the project officially launched investment, will soon reconstruct the commercial pattern of Suzhou rail transit.




Wake up the Z era tide play group

In recent years, "rejuvenation" has always been a topic that never goes out of date. Consumption data shows that the proportion of young consumption represented by the post-90s generation is increasing year by year. The consumption habits of this group of people are more personalized, focusing on experience and spiritual enjoyment. YONG PARK's target audience is mainly young and trendy, with local high-quality family guests, young visitors from Shishan business district and young visitors from universities and art institutions, focusing on young people aged 18-35. At present, the traditional shopping space has not kept up with the consumer demand of the new era consumer experience. By creating a composite space of "tide", "fun" and "play", YONG PARK is committed to building YONG PARK into a "fashion and play holy land for young people in the Z era" to meet the diversified needs of consumers. Follow-up active layout of the tide play community marketing, strengthen member management, the introduction of more timely, accurate and efficient member services, and Z era tide play group effective interaction, the formation of strong social attributes of the two-way communication mode, not only to meet the emotional demands of the tide play group, but also to achieve the consumption of social traffic conversion.




Create a holy land for young people to play in Shishan business circle




The commercial volume of the project is over 21000 ㎡, with "tide play experience" as the gravitational magnetism. The format planning takes the three major theme scenes widely sought after by young people in Z era as the core, introduces the format of "24-hour trend food, tide play entertainment and tide cool experience", and builds the commercial space into a tide play social entertainment place with "new scene, new content and new image" around the positioning label of "youth, tide play and food, build a purposeful" tide play space ". In addition to the analysis and attraction of guest groups, the core of underground commercial operation is also a very important link in the creation of scenes and the integration of resources. Through a large number of new formats and regional first stores of Chaozhou play, and in combination with rich Chaozhou play theme activities, fashion trend elements are integrated into commercial scenes to create a more attractive commercial space. The project is expected to open in the second half of the year, and has officially launched investment promotion. It is believed that with the arrival of the most IN and cool fashion play format, YONG PARK will become the most attractive fashion play experience space in Suzhou, bringing consumers a newer, more fashionable and more fashionable life.

YONG PARK is operated and prepared by Suzhou Shishan Square Development Co., Ltd. Suzhou Shishan Square Development Co., Ltd. was established in 2017 with a registered capital of 200 million yuan. It is a member enterprise of Suzhou High-tech Group. With the goal of "high-level planning and construction, creating a masterpiece handed down from generation to generation", it undertakes the important task of development, construction and later operation of Shishan Square. Mainly engaged in: park management, greening management, art performance venue management, museum management, science and technology museum management, literary creation and performance, exhibition, science and technology intermediary services, leisure and fitness activities, amusement park operation, real estate development and operation, property management, commercial management, Development and construction of infrastructure and supporting facilities.