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Parcmall Retail Management Corporation begins a series of training about Shopping Mall Lease Management.

Number of visits: Date:2014-09-17



To improve employees’ professional skills and realize the healthy, stable development of the company, Baili City Commercial Management Corporation of Ganglong Group started one-day training of Shopping Mall Lease Management in the meeting room of the second floor in Lixie Building July 12, 2014. The staff of Baili City Commercial Management Corporation and Ganglong Group, and some staff from project company attended the training.

The one-day training included three parts: Shopping Mall Lease Management and Lease Terms by Sun Limin, Shopping Mall Lease Strategy by Ding QianPu and Shopping Mall Retailing Management by Cui Chenmin. The three lecturers are all high-ranking managers of Baili City Commercial Management Corporation and senior professionals in the field. The training was very informative and full of vigor and there was no vacancy on spot.

After the training, everyone had a full and deep understanding of shopping mall lease so that the solid foundation was laid for the future work. At the end of the training, everyone expected more professional training of this kind.

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