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  Business Scope The total solution Baili City provides to the commercial property developers is as followed:
  Services provided by Baili City covers every section before, during and after the commercial real estate projects. It is also offered by Baili City to commercial real estate the commercial and strategic planning, business market research, business planning and positioning, suggestions for business plan, suggestions for transportation routes, suggestions for property maintenance, suggestions for commercial projects investment, shops divisions, business information-based management, business leasing, business operation and management, business assets management and so on.
  The core team of Baili City has carried out a lot of successful cooperation with real estate fund. They are possessed with rich experience and are familiar with the process and manner of cooperating with the real estate fund. The team is also good at discovering the maximum value of commercial real estate. In order to realize the sustainable development, Baili City acts as the bridge between developers and the fund. In certain times, it also participates in project investment and operation as a general partner (GP) and makes Baili City the world class service provider of shopping center assets management. Baili City is devoted to developing together with its clients and creating a wonderful life for customers.



Core Competitiveness


1. An international and professional team
  Core team is composed with experts from foreign countries and with background of foreign company.



2. Rich operating experience
  All members of the core team have experience in operating well renowned projects such as Yinxiang City, Linrui Plaza, Shimao Plaza and so on.



3. Abundant resources of commercial tenants
  Baili City has established strategic cooperative relationship with various famous international brands, including supermarkets, cinemas, clothing, retailing, catering, and entertainment and so on.










4. Rich experience in cooperating with international fund
  Members of core team are possessed with rich experience in cooperating with foreign fund companies such as Blackstone, Harvest, and Carlyle. They are good at assets management and capable of fulfilling the requirement of rate of return on investment. Team of Baili City will select different methods such as GP to cooperate with real estate fund according to various situations. They pursue the maximum value for commercial projects.






5. Systematic training on shopping centers and professional training team
  It is beneficial to constantly developing new projects and fostering the professional skills of new team.



6. Provide overall service for commercial real estate
  Services provided include project research, positioning, planning and tendering, project management, marketing and planning, operation and management, finance management and recruitment management and information-based management for commercial real estate.






7. customized system for business information-based management
  We have developed various sets of efficient information-based systems combined with business characteristics. Due to that, we are able to collect and analyze operation and management data with accuracy, effectiveness and speed. These data, for example, include sales volume, the effectiveness of rent, the percentage of rent, unit price, passenger flow and rate of customers carrying the shopping bags. All data are helpful in achieving reasonable rate of return on investment for the shopping center.